Sarina Lamothe

Mission Specialist, Graphic Designer​
Areas of Focus

Digital Graphic Design Certificate – VCC, Downtown Vancouver, BC


New-Ad Media Scholarship, 2015

Contact Sarina: [email protected]

Sarina is a graphic designer, illustrator, and crazy wiener dog lady who loves creating beautiful and timeless design pieces.

Through collaboration with a diverse range of clients and varied industries, she explores function, encourages simplicity and strives to create design work that is not only visually appealing but can also communicate a message.

Sarina grew up in Langley, BC and spent a few years traveling abroad before settling in Vancouver. She is passionate about constantly learning new skills, and telling a story through her artwork.

When she’s not working for Loomo she divides her time between walking her dog, Beans, making art, playing guitar, and doing yoga.

“I always try to trust my instincts when it comes to design. I stay aware of trends, but not to the point that sacrifices my personal style or, more importantly, the client’s needs.”

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