Luke Taylor

Commanding Officer, Creative Director​
Luke Taylor CCO
Areas of Focus

Communication Design Certificate – 

Management Certificate in Design –
Emily Carr University

Fun Facts
  • Certified A.F.G. by former Head of Innovation at Disney
  • Has designed four board games so far
  • Has three kids, including twins
  • Only started drinking coffee at 30
  • The previous two bullets are, in fact, correlated.

Contact Luke: [email protected]

Luke was born at a young age in Edmonton, Alberta. Five Oiler-earned Stanley Cups, one F4 tornado, four cities, ten schools, twelve broken bones, seven Nintendos (Gameboy derivatives don’t count), one short-lived rock band, six seasons of LOST, zero Avatar: the Last Airbender movies, and twenty-three MCU movies later, he’s now heading up the Light House Loomo office in Victoria.

After graduating from Emily Carr University in 2005, Luke started up Five Graphic Design — the company that would eventually evolve, increase in the number of services, and rebrand into Loomo in 2014. In 2015, Luke met Jeremy and realized that teaming up with him would take Loomo to the next level. He was right. Luke’s vision for Loomo was based on two core beliefs:

  • Brand Strategy, Brand Development, and Brand Promotion are too critical to the success of a business to treat as an afterthought.
  • Specialists can produce better quality results than a jack of all trades can.

With those beliefs as their driving force, Luke and Jeremy hired absolutely amazing brand-related specialists (design specialization, content specialization, and coding specialization, among other things) to round out the services that Loomo offers. This separates Loomo from similar-sized agencies who typically try to spread their staff’s skill sets across too wide an array of marketing services.

“The absolute highlight of my career was when the former Head of Creativity and Innovation at Disney called the branding I did for him ‘Absolutely F***ing Genius’, and said I should be a creative director at Apple or Coke. Was it hyperbole? Sure, but I’m chuffed regardless.”