Lars Hedlund

Commander, Lead Developer
Lars Hedlund Lead Developer
Areas of Focus

Web Development Diploma – Lighthouse Labs

Professional Writing Certificate specializing in Business and Technical Writing – University of Calgary Continuing Education

Master of Arts – University of Calgary

Contact Lars: [email protected]

Lars oversees all of the development, code quality, and client interactions with the development team.

Lars’ development philosophy is to write clean, stable, and maintainable code. He applies this to Loomo’s development, creating beautiful websites for our clients. That’s not all, though. While his specialty is WordPress + WooCommerce, Lars also has experience writing Django, Laravel, BigCommerce, Shopify, and React apps, themes, and plugins (to name a few).  He is ready to create anything for you, and make it great.

If all that wasn’t enough, Lars also manages our servers and our clients’ hosting. From email to analytics to maintenance, there is nothing Lars doesn’t oversee. With over 40 sites live and under our purview, it’s a good thing someone is looking out for it all! Lars works closely with Alvin, our front end developer, and the contractors that are brought on as specialists for various projects. So, even if your request seems out of Loomo’s orbit, he’ll make sure the people we hire are producing quality work.

In his free time, Lars is either climbing, hiking or xc skiing in the mountains;  illustrating and writing his comic; playing the latest Zelda game; or racing his road bike in Zwift. When asked about Lars, one Loomonaut said, “At this point, his talents are quite sickening. Please list them in alphabetical order so I am not constantly shocked.”

“Clients can expect quick responses and action to their questions. I will do my utmost to ensure that our team finds a way to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible.”