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Use WordPress? Everything is about to change.

When the Gutenberg press arrived in the early 15th century, it changed the way literature was produced and released forever after. Manuscripts, which were meticulously transcribed by scribes with ink and quill, were replaced by printed sheets, which could be mass produced (think the internet but in 1436). Information and

Understanding the two sides of SaaS

Since we’ve gotten into the micro-SaaS game, we’ve found that clients have a hard time grasping what they’re getting in a product. So, here’s a valuable resource for all of the clients out there confused by their software offerings. In this article, I’m going to explain two core components of

Why We Recommend Hosting With Us Vs. Your Own Account

We like to ask our clients to host their sites with us for two reasons: the first is that we can make sure that updates are controlled and work as expected; the second is that it keeps us in touch with our clients and allows us to check in with

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