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The 6 Dimensions of Brand Enjoyment

The 6 Dimensions of Brand Enjoyment (and why they matter)

I was listening to a Tim Ferriss podcast where he interviewed Scott Adams, creator of the popular comic strip Dilbert. In this podcast, he detailed how he had used his knowledge of psychology to distill what he called the “6 Dimensions of Humor,” and that he could leverage these to

6 ways to save money on content marketing in Canada

6 ways you can save money on content marketing in Canada

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about wheeling out a new content strategy? Something sleek, informative, friendly, and almost exactly like what your competitor is doing. You’re not alone. You may even have tried to keep up, perhaps losing sight of why you needed a content strategy in the first place and

CUmark recognized at social media awards

CUmark, a division of Loomo Marketing Inc., received national recognition for outstanding digital marketing and social media at the 2018 Hashtag Awards in Calgary on June 13. Their campaign, “No more ***king at credit unions”, received an honourable mention as runner-up for the Best Social Media Campaign of 2017. The

The Unicorn Dilemma

You’ve probably heard something similar to this: “Quality, Speed, Price: Pick Two.” I like to call it Pace, Price, & Polish, because I have a serious thing for alliteration. If you haven’t heard of it, it boils down to this: everybody wants the best price, the highest quality, and they

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