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For over 20 years, Freeport has designed and built high-quality custom pre-fabricated homes and commercial, industrial, and institutional structures in British Columbia, Alberta, and the Yukon.

When it came time to redevelop their website, Freeport wanted to achieve two goals: reflect the breadth and quality of their work, and, address misconceptions of what pre-fabricated means. More than just a promotional site, it needed to communicate to skeptical buyers that Freeport was the right choice for a well built and quickly delivered structure.

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For any web development project, the first task is getting to know your client – and their audiences – as well as possible. Who do they serve, what are their main buying cues, at what point in the sales cycle do they look at the website and what information are they looking for? All of these questions, and more, are just as important when developing a site as what development system you will use and what types of content you need to collect.

Recognizing that Freeport had regular customers across commercial, industrial,  and residential markets, the site needed to reflect the type of products and services each could expect. Armed with this information, we developed a site map and information structure that combined relevant audience-focused content while building out new pages that spoke to the advantages of choosing Freeport as a builder. Check out some of the final designs below, or visit the full site at

Freeport Web Development Home Page
Freeport Web Development Advantage Page

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