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The 6 Dimensions of Brand Enjoyment

The 6 Dimensions of Brand Enjoyment (and why they matter)

I was listening to a Tim Ferriss podcast where he interviewed Scott Adams, creator of the popular comic strip Dilbert. In this podcast, he detailed how he had used his knowledge of psychology to distill what he called the “6 Dimensions of Humor,” and that he could leverage these to

The Brandmark Breakdown

I have designed hundreds of brand marks throughout my career (which you might call a logo. You would also be correct, but it’s a word I’m trying to separate ourselves from). While they vary a LOT, they all tend to fall into seven main categories: Abstract Combo Emblem Logotype Mascot

Telltale signs of bad designs

Telltale signs of bad design

What you don’t know can hurt you, so here are five pro tips to help your ads stand out. Who needs to pay for professionals when you have a fully functional copy of Microsoft Word, am I right? It’s not like design really matters, and you already had to pay

Gutenberg: Creating Custom Block Categories

Welcome to the first of our tutorials on Gutenberg: WordPress’ new editor. Please note that this tutorial is intended for developers working on building their first (or maybe 300th) block. If you’re not a developer, but looking for help with your website, contact us at [email protected] WordPress Version: 5.0.2 Note:

Use WordPress? Everything is about to change.

When the Gutenberg press arrived in the early 15th century, it changed the way literature was produced and released forever after. Manuscripts, which were meticulously transcribed by scribes with ink and quill, were replaced by printed sheets, which could be mass produced (think the internet but in 1436). Information and

Why design doesn't matter

Why Design Doesn’t Matter.

Wait, what? Why is an agency posting an article that claims what they do is irrelevant? I’ll tell you why: because something else is the important thing. Perception. Perception is the only thing that matters when it comes to branding and marketing. Everything we do as a brand management agency

The Unicorn Dilemma

You’ve probably heard something similar to this: “Quality, Speed, Price: Pick Two.” I like to call it Pace, Price, & Polish, because I have a serious thing for alliteration. If you haven’t heard of it, it boils down to this: everybody wants the best price, the highest quality, and they

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